Church Health Team

A healthy church is a growing church. 

In a healthy church, spirituality is passionate, relationships are loving, small groups are holistic, worship service is inspiring, evangelism is need-oriented, ministry is gift-based, leadership is empowering, and structures are effective. These characteristics can be reliably measured by the Natural Church Development survey, and developing the minimum factor area will improve the health of the whole church.

The Church Health Team helps the church move forward in the Natural Church Development process.

Once the church has completed the NCD survey, CHT will be responsible for suggesting a course of action regarding the church’s minimum factor. Alongside the church leadership, CHT will be responsible for setting a plan with a timeline and guiding the church through the process. They involve other people in the assessment, planning and implementation of the plan. Continuous and intentional prayer for God to release the church’s full potential is critical!

Would you like to serve in the Church Health Team?

We need people who are willing and gifted by God to

  • lead the team
  • create strategy and provide accountability
  • research the church resources: ideas, spiritual gifts, people
  • intercede – vital for the success of the team
  • communicate with the whole church and the leadership

All Saints has a Natural Church Development coach!

Our member Marjaana Kuivalainen is an NCD coach by profession. Just like in many other churches in our district, she also trains the All Saints Church Health Team and facilitates the natural development process in our church.

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