Sunday School

What is Sunday School?

Sunday School is where children and youth have teacher led classes to learn about Jesus.  We currently have five classes:

  1. Preschool
  2. Early Elementary (K-2nd)
  3. Late Elementary (3rd-5th)
  4. Jr. High/Middle School (6th-8th)
  5. High School



  • 9:15am.  We meet in the sanctuary for school opening
  • 9:30am.  Students follow teachers to classrooms
  • 10:20am.  Snack (please see the quarterly schedule for the list of snacks)
  • 10:30am.  Student dismissal to parents.


There is no cost for Sunday School.  Materials and snacks are provided by the church.

For information about adult studies please visit the Bible Studies page.


Spring 2022, we are doing a weekly church study called the Forgiving Challenge.  

Spring 2022 Quarter Schedule (Click for printable document)

We encourage all children and youth to participate, so please contact us for more information.