Small Groups

Small group Bible Study in homes and on Sunday mornings,  is a growing ministry at All Saints. 

We started our church-wide small group Bible studies in the fall 2019. Our vision is that every person attending the All Saints Lutheran Church would also be a part of a small group. Our plan is to have two church-wide study sessions a year. The groups can continue in between or dissolve to form new ones when the new session starts.

The small groups come together once a week in homes or via screens to study God’s Word. The materials and plan for studying together is provided by the church. In addition to studying, the home groups also provide prayer support and fellowship. It is a perfect opportunity to learn to know God and fellow believers more deeply. It can be like a family that supports you in your faith walk and helps out at times of trouble.

To attend a small group you don’t have to be knowledgeable about the Bible – the whole point is to learn and grow together. This form of fellowship works for new and mature Christians alike.

If you would like to join a small group, ask Pastor Dolby and he’ll connect you with the right persons. You can also email the Small Groups Ministry team at

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