Board of Evangelism


Lighting the path for friends and family by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of your friend, family member or neighbor. 
Pray for the Holy Spirit to bless all interactions with your friends, family and neighbors. 

What we do...

The purpose of the Board of Evangelism is to reach out, with the congregation in order to spread the gospel within our community and the world. This is done using a two pronged approach, that uses inreach and outreach programs and events. 
Our board will work with other boards and groups within the church body. We help to plan, advertise and implement various inreach and outreach programs and events. 
We encourage our congregation to participate in daily Bible Study and to be part of a Small Group Bible Study. In this way our members are equipped - by the study of God's Word-  to go out and share the gospel message of hope and salvation. By enouraging growth in faith and by helping others grow in their faith, our congregation will learn to share God's love with the world, in a natural and inviting way. 

Our duties include... 

a. Contact visitors to All Saints. 
b. Provide evangelism and witnessing training for the Board and the congregation. 
 c. Encourage witnessing by all members of the Board and the congregation. 
d. Assure All Saints involvement in mission projects. 
e. Assist in publicity for the church. 
f. Pray for church growth and world wide salvation.

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