COVID-19 Update 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Here is our scheduled Monday update for All Saints Lutheran Church. Please note that this update supersedes all previous Monday updates.
We plan to resume worship services when public schools resume classes. This means that at this time worship services will resume on Sunday, May 10 - the first Sunday after May 4 due to more recent announcements by the Governor of Washington state. If anything changes in the coming weeks, rest assured that we (Pastor and Elders) will update you with any changes to future worship service plans.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread in our region we want to keep you updated on its impact to All Saints. We will focus our updates on internal activities; for regional and national information please visit and for more comprehensive information and guidance.

Other than the changes due to our state Governor's announcements, there are no other big changes this week of April 6, 2020. Please continue to visit the website for up to date information as well as devotions throughout the week.

1. Worship Services & Meetings: All worship services are cancelled. If you are the leader of a Board or small group, please begin implementing plans and procedures to meet via phone conference or video conference. This helps us remain consistent across all aspects of building and campus usage.

Weekly resources from Pastor Dolby:

  • Pastor will continue to provide a Monday through Saturday devotional document to aid you in leading devotions in your home. *Please see the attached document.
    Sunday worship and sermon audio will continue to be posted on our church website. Thank you for providing music for Palm Sunday. We can't wait to share more that is in store for Easter Sunday and Easter Season's Sunday recordings! 
  • During this time of cancelled worship, Pastor Dolby will provide audio of devotional reflections each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the rest of March and throughout April. These will be posted on our website. *For Holy Week, Pastor Dolby will provide audio devotions for each day, Monday through Saturday, during this holiest week of the Church Year.
  • If you missed any of the posts from this past week, they are on the website and can be accessed at any time.

2. Preschool: The preschool will continue to be closed per our policy to follow the Lake Washington School District regarding emergency closures, as well as complying with the church’s decision to cancel services and activities. We have started to email lesson plans to our families and are planning on providing learning kits that the parents can drive-thru and pick up at church. Regardless of this unsettling time, we are committed to maintaining contact with our families so we can continue our mission of sharing Jesus’ love with the children. - Paix Irigon, Director of Rise and Shine Preschool

3. Sunday School for children and adults: Sunday School will follow the plan of action for worship services.

  • This means at this time Sunday School (children and adult Bible Classes) will resume on Sunday, May 10 due to more recent announcements by the Governor of Washington state.
  • Also, parents and children of Sunday School classes, please keep your ears open for exciting information and communication from Eben Das after Easter. 
  • Please contact Ebencilin Das or Virginia Kelley if you have any questions concerning children's Sunday School.

4. Confirmation families: Confirmation families please continue to utilize the weekly resources provided by email and posted on the church website. Continue to make time to be in God's Word together and praying for one another as parents and students at home. Confirmation Class will follow the plan of action for worship services and Sunday School for children and adults.

5. Small Group Bible Studies: Please make plans to finish your lessons remotely (phone conference or video conference) if you have any lessons to finish together. We will provide additional information on future Small Group Bible Studies when we resume normal activities sometime after Monday, May 4 due to more recent announcements by the Governor of Washington state.

6. Prayer Requests: Thank you for continuing to pass on your prayer requests to Barbi and me. We encourage you to continue passing along any new or updated prayer requests in the coming weeks. We will be sure to include those in the regular prayer chain distribution as we receive them.

7. Requesting Assistance: Whether it be a spiritual need or something picked up from a store your All Saints family is here for you. Your Elder is your primary contact point but you can contact Barbi or pastor if necessary too. The COVID response program will go on for a while so don’t be shy about asking for help if you are concerned about your health.

Our next planned email update from Pastor and Elders will be Monday, April 13.

We commit to staying current on the guidance given by the authorities and continuously evaluating the impact to All Saints programs and people. If something significant happens during the week we will continue to update you as soon as we can.

Finally, thank you for your continued prayers for all of your leaders and entire church family this past week.

In Christ,

Pastor Dolby

(248) 924-7362