Monday, May 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our update remains nearly the same as last week: no definitive dates yet. 

  • The two updates are reflected in the dashboard, one under Preschool and one under Sunday School.
  • Two attachments are included with this email: Weekly devotion resource and an encouraging letter from our District President, Pastor Paul Linnemann

We will continue to provide updates with the dashboard below to communicate how All Saints will selectively and carefully respond.  We must all remember there still is no vaccine and all we have available is methods to reduce the risk of virus transmission.  As many have described All Saints returning to “normal” will NOT be like a light switch; it will be more like a slow turning dial with multiple small stops along the way.  

As the state and federal guidance change we will make adjustments to each area shown below with the health and safety always being the primary factor in our decision making.  For example once we restart onsite services we will need to adjust seating, wearing masks, communion, etc. to assure we are keeping everyone as safe as possible.  As we make the changes you will need to assess your own health and readiness situation in deciding whether to attend in person or continue to leverage our website resources.

Please note that this update supersedes all previous Monday updates.

Buildings & Grounds


Pastor & Secretary




Sunday Services


Sunday School


Meetings & Bible Studies


Officially Closed

Wed Crew is maintaining social distancing during weekly landscape activities

Working Remotely

No onsite office hours

No onsite classes

the Preschool has been conducting online classes via Zoom since 4/30

Emailed lessons

Online classes 

2020 planning & enrolling

Services and Devotions available on the website

No onsite classes

Preschool Sunday School has also been emailing lessons home since March 22nd

Youth: Online/Zoom instruction began 4/19 11am-12pm

Children: Online/Zoom classes began 5/3 in the afternoon

Kindergarten class received materials over the past month

Thank you to all Sunday School teachers!

Next Virtual Coffee and Bible Study with Pastor Dolby and Julia Sinclair will be Sunday, May 17, 9:30-10:30 am:invitation and info will come to you all this week

Adult: All must be done online

All must be done online

We will focus our updates on internal activities; for regional and national information please visit www.kingcounty.govand for more comprehensive information and guidance. 

All changes for this week of May 11, 2020 are reflected above. Please continue to visit the website for up to date information as well as devotions throughout the week.

Requesting Assistance: Whether it be a spiritual need or something picked up from a store your All Saints family is here for you. Your Elder is your primary contact point but you can contact Barbi or pastor if necessary too. The COVID response program will go on for a while so don’t be shy about asking for help if you are concerned about your health. 

Request to congregation from the Charity Lawson: Hi! We are moving forward with the rite of confirmation in a private family only ceremony for Liam on May 17.  Each family will have a private appointment and we can only bring members of our household/people we have been in contact with since our shelter in place orders started.  So a much smaller and more intimate gathering than we envisioned but clearly God’s plan.  We know that when normal services resume, they will have a larger and more traditional gathering but for now, I want to find some way to make things special.

Can you get word out to the congregation to send him a card or note?  His confirmation verse is Luke 2:49 (& 51-52) NKJV.  Our address is 2143 West Toscanini Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Our next planned email update from Pastor and Elders will be Monday, May 18

In Christ,

Pastor Dolby

"My eyes are ever toward the Lord, for he will pluck my feet out of the net. Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The troubles of my heart are enlarged; bring me out of my distresses." - Psalm 25:15-17