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Board of Trustees

Overview of Trustee Role

The Constitution & Bylaws contain an itemization of accountabilities for the Board of Trustees but do not encompass the full scope of activities we are involved with.  At the highest level we have stewardship responsibility for:

  1. All buildings & grounds
  2. All technology platforms; both onsite and online
  3. All legal contracts & obligations

Having stewardship responsibility does not mean the individual Trustees personally do every single item across these broad categories.  We will do a lot of them by guiding & empowering congregant members to perform the tasks.  

Our activities are funded by an operational budget and one or more designated funds.  The operational budget covers all normal and recurring items in a calendar year while the designated funds are for long term asset purchase and specific projects we have committed to.

Contact Us Here!

To improve our service to the church community we will begin using the website for all service requests, project status, and communications. We understand it will take some time for everyone to become comfortable with this new way of doing things but the benefit potential is high vs a series of emails and/or phone calls.  

Please use the Discussion page for service requests or questions.  This is a new experience for all of us.  With grace and patience we hope this will improve on how we respond and communicate to you all.

To get started just join the group using the button above or on the Discussion page and then post something.

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