Board of Evangelism

Evangelism is for Everyone!

What we do:

The purpose of the Board of Evangelism is to reach out, with the congregation in order to spread the gospel within our community and the world. This is done using a two pronged approach, that uses inreach and outreach programs and events. 


We help with Inreach to our members:

Our board will work with other boards and groups within the church body. We help to plan, advertise and implement various inreach programs and events to equip our members to share the Gospel with others in a natural way. We encourage our congregation to participate in daily Bible Study and to be part of a Small Group Bible Study. 

In this way our members are equipped - by the study of God's Word- to go and share the gospel message of hope and salvation. We encourage our members to have conversations with friends and family about faith. We encourage members to share about their own faith walk and what Jesus means to them. First by sharing that story with others in the congregation, and then with friends and family. 

We help with outreach to our community:

We encourage our members to invite their friends and family to come to church services, so they can hear the Word of God. We also encourage our members to invite friends and family to join in a Bible Study group. This helps others grow in faith and the knowledge of God. We encourage our congregation to participate in our many outreach events to the public, where they can share God's love and mercy with all.

By encouraging personal growth in faith and by helping others grow in their faith, our congregation will fulfill the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, [20] teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you..." 

Want to attend a meeting or suggest and idea for inreach or outreach? 

Board of Evangelism meets each month usually on the SECOND Sunday after church. This is a lunch meeting so location varies. 

Please send a request to join our meetings ONE MONTH in advance and share your agenda with us.

Want to volunteer to help at on of our events? Contact: Evangelism at

Roles and Responsibilites:

1) Provide evangelism and witnessing training. 
 2) Encourage witnessing by all members of the congregation. 
3) Assure All Saints involvement in mission projects. 
4) Assist in publicity for the church. 
5) Pray for church growth and world wide salvation.

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