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Who we are...

The Board of Elders are responsible for the general and specific spiritual welfare of the individual and corporate membership of the congregation. 

It shall consist of a chairman and at least two members having the necessary qualifications for the office (1 Tim 3:8-11, Acts 6:3). 

The Board of Elders are elected by the congregation to a three year term. Board members are elected in two's, meaning that at any given election year we will have at least two open positions.

What we do...

Members of this Board individually and collectively, by work and action, shall encourage their Pastor in his work. They shall regularly pray for Pastor and other spiritual leaders. They shall concern themselves with members attendance for worship and keep records of attendance at Holy Communion. Review whether newborn children have been baptized. Reach out to those in need of spiritual guidance.

Roles and Responsibilities...

  1. Working close with the Pastor in his work, difficult ministry   problems, his family’s health and welfare and spiritual assistance if needed.
  2. Keeping record of attendance and communion participation.
  3. Maintaining a personal relationship with congregational members. Extending a personal welcome to all new members.
  4. Provide training for ushers and acolytes, scheduling communion, duty Elder and organist for Church services.
  5. Adequate and thorough adult and youth instruction for confirmation and Church membership.
  6. Review and analyze congregational worship services, and encourage, as needed, other Church Boards and Committees to intensify their activity and to fulfill their responsibilities.
  7. The qualifications for being an Elder are noted in 1 Timothy 3:8-11 and Acts 6:3. All qualified men are welcome to run for an Elder position.

Lay Deaconess

The Board of Elders includes up to four women appointed by the Elders and Pastor to fulfill the role as Lay Deaconess. 

The Lay Deaconess helps the Elders and Pastor care for the congregation.

Sometimes it is easier to reach out to the Lay Deaconess to get help with more personal and family needs. Contact her if you need a few meals after an illness or after childbirth and she will get you in contact with the LWMl. Would you like a virtual visit for a family member in the hospital? or need someone to pray with? She is available by phone or on Zoom. If you are having family issues we can put you in contact with christian counselors. Are you struggling or out of work? Do you need help to cover an emergency? Your church family is here to help you.

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. They would be mature women of faith whose special gifts of ministry and wisdom would assist the Pastor and the Elders in their ministry to the congregation.
  2. Their one-year renewable term would be approved by the Elders and Pastor.
  3. They would not be involved in "public" Word and Sacrament ministry.
  4. They would give advice and wisdom to the Board of Elders at their meetings and assist the Elders in their ministry to the congregation.  This would include shut-in and hospital calls with training.
  5. They would be encouraged to take some on-line Deaconess classes through one of our Synod’s seminaries as well as Pastor-led doctrinal refresher classes.

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