Occasion: Fourth Sunday in Lent

Meditation: I Am the Light of the World (John 9:1-41)

  1. John 9:1-7 โ€“ Jesus Heals
  2. 2 โ€“ who sinned?ย __________ does not only happen in response to __________ (Job 5:16, Jobโ€™s friend Eliphaz believes Job must have sinned somehow to bring about his suffering). Human __________ has no room for a theology of the __________.
  3. The Theology of the Cross: the __________ do suffer! And through their suffering God works his mercy and salvation.
  4. In this sin-__________ world, you will experience suffering. When trials come, do not automatically conclude that God is punishing you for a sin. Certainly confess and repent of whatever sins you know. But also entrust your body and __________ to the One who accomplishes his purposes in the __________ of suffering. See the world with Jobโ€™s eyes, and behold the countenance of Jesus, your Redeemer, who bore the __________ of your salvation. โ€“ โ€œThe Countenance of Jobโ€ Luth. Study Bible p. 837
  5. 3 โ€“ but that the works of God might beย __________. Not merely restoration of physical sight (v. 7), but __________ from spiritual __________ (v. 38).